How can Little Yogis develop your child?


kids benefit


While practicing yoga has many physical benefits like improved balance, coordination, muscle flexibility and sleeping better, the psychological benefits are just as important.

At Little Yogis we incorporate a multi-sensory approach to help them become aware of their senses and thereby teaching them the value therein. 

Kids gain self-confidence and acquire a sense of accomplishment when they are able to master the poses. Our yoga class also enhances your child’s attention, concentration and imagination skills as we cover various poses linked to a creative story.

It refines social and emotional skills as they learn to interact with each other during partner yoga. Yoga also encourages them to respect personal space and to be aware of their own and others emotions.

We teach kids how to utilise their energy in a positive manner. We also encourage positive self-talk and self-affirmation.

Learning to self-calm is another added benefit. We incorporate learning how to breathe properly, this brings awareness to the breath and how to use it in different situations and environments.

Lastly it is not competitive and allows kids to achieve postures at their own pace and within their own body range.